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E.Lee from da "D"
The revolution has not and will not be televised. For those of you who don't know E.Lee, this is a brief introduction. What up to the world, and all my brilliant 7 mile street surgeons, operating on the block. This is the official spot of E.Lee and all things Life Columns. That is, E.Lee, S.T.A (THA PRODUCT), DOJO SOUNDLABZ, Keenan Dijon, Mike Hill aka Mike Check, Real Ambition, and all my I-75 squadron. Reppin Detroit, Dayton, da Natti, all way down to da ATL. This is more than music we doin!!! Born and bred on the streets of Detroit, and transplanted to MD in 1995, E.Lee has gained both local and national recognition with his thought provoking word play, and commitment to avoid biting. Founder of Life Column Records and Life Column Publishings, Lee is a mainstay in Michigan, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia and various other hot spots including, but not limited to,CHI-TOWN, ATL, Birmingham and Tucson,AZ! Fresh thoughts and an optimistic outlook have garnished Lee the label of positive rapper. But dont let the smooth taste fool you. Lee reflects that which surrounds us all, the good, the bad, and the ugly. With production from DJ Meech, Mike Hill, Keenan Dijon and himself, E.Lee has solidified his position among the hip-hop underground elite!! E.Lee is also part of a duo known collectively as THA PRODUCT with S.T.A or (Silvered Tounge Assasin or slick talkin asshole), Life Columns y'all!!

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