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Welcome to the Life Column experience..... For those who know.. this has been a long time coming! Here you can find music from E.Lee a.k.a E.Lee from da D with features from S.T.A, Mike Hill, Keenan Dijon, Super Cas, One Made Man and Skeeliza (GR). Production credits include Mike Hill, Tai Lyve, DJ Meech,  K.Dijon and E.Lee. Life Column was established in 2001 and is a registered member of A.S.C.A.P.  Any sale, redistribution of Life Column Records music without the written consent or permission of Life Column Records is prohibited. Please feel free to preview the music and purchase a song or two or the entire Peace Wise Function album.. New mix tapes to come soon and we appreciate your continued support... GOD BLESS!!!!

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