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       When charismatic rappers with unique talents come together, the music resounds with dimension and social relevance. The Black Helicopters featuring Sedar Chappelle, brother of comedic icon Dave Chappelle , E. Lee, Shonuff, and Mann, are far more than just rappers or singers.

Sedar ventures into "Gangsta Rap" with "The Black Helicopters" project. Chappelle’s music experience spans 2 decades. In 1986, he was the first rapper to ever perform in Amsterdam. He then went on to work with Hollywood Studios International, The Real Hip Hop Network, and Open Vision Network Television. His unique linguistic and cultural understanding of Rap and Hip Hop led him to a career as a Hip Hop Consultant. In that capacity, he helped corporations understand the hip hop culture so they could market more efficiently, and conversely help the Hip Hop community understand Corporate America. He earned his degree in Quranic Theologies and Comparative Religion, and went on to complete a masters in Teaching English as a Foreign Language which led to teaching English to the Saudi Arabian Royal Family for several years. He now returns to his musical roots with The Black Helicopters Project.

        Each of the members of The Black Helicopter Project have been involved in the underground and mainstream Rap music scene for the last 15 years, but have never collaborated before now. Manager, CEO of Life Column Records, and founding member, E. Lee has worked in broadcasting as a promoter, on air personality and news director for Dayton’s WROU, and Central State’s WCSU. He then went on to tour on the underground hip hop circuit promoting his independent album entitled Peace Wise Function. Shonuff, with a cult following in San Bernadino, California, Detroit and Ohio, has released several independent albums. Mann, the resident R&B aficionado brings a smooth vibe to the group effort. He has worked with a number of local and national artists as well as releasing his own independent album called " At Your Service".

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